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Sensory Fitness and the Alexander Technique

Your Athletic Performance


The greatest success with strength, endurance, skill and the ability to handle stress depends on how fit your sensory awareness is. Sensory awareness is constantly monitoring balance, muscular tension and movement.

I have seen many people that had to give up favorite activities such as running, racquetball, golf or tennis because of pain and stress in their bodies. And many others who aren't able to follow a program of strengthening and conditioning because the exercises just make their problems worse. The most alarming phenomenon is the people with the pain and exhaustion of stress that accept this as normal. It has become common place for people to accept a very low level of functioning as their standard.

sensory awareness and the Alexander Technique


With the Alexander Technique, you can discover the hidden cause of these problems: poor sensory awareness. This is called hidden because it occurs unknowingly. Stressful tension and the poorest of postures start to feel right or necessary.

Operating under this circumstance leads to the breakdown in the body that causes pain and robs people of energy and your potential for performance. It is most often why exercise can be painful. As you gain proficiency with Alexander Technique, you begin to regain the ability that was lost. You learn to move without pain.

The negative symptoms of stress are particularly related to poor sensory fitness. Equating muscular tension with speed and accuracy is an illusion of sensory awareness. The results are headaches and pain in the neck and shoulders that can advance into repetitive strain. For over 100 years the Alexander Technique has led people to recovery from these injuries and conditions.


The Alexander Technique is not a system of exercises. It effects change through increasing awareness of poor postural habits, inhibiting them, and replacing them with proper patterns of muscular movement.

Making the changes available with Alexander Technique is complimentary to exercise programs and improving skills in special performances like music, dance and sports. In many cases it enables you to exercise and participate where you may not be able to otherwise.

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