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The Alexander Technique & Pain

A Long-Term Solution

When practicing the Alexander technique, restricted and painful movement can be replaced with lightness and freedom in movement. You can control spinal decompression and make it natural in your daily life and special performance.


With Alexander Technique, you are guided by specially trained hands-on direction and simple working principles. There is no manipulation or exercise, allowing you to feel so much better right away.


The Alexander Technique is Especially effective with:


  • Neck and Back pain 

  • Foot and Knee pain

  • Shoulder Elbow and Hand pain

  • Recovery from trauma.


Most musculoskeletal pain and problems can be attributed to how we use ourselves. Take for example Repetitive Strain Injuries.  These are injuries caused by repeatedly straining to move at play or at work. It's not so much the challenge of activity as much as how we automatically arrange our coordination to take on the activity.  When your coordinated balance is poor, you will strain in action.


And then there are also problems from injuries that come from an accident or trauma. Old injuries often don’t heal due to the way we hold tension in the form of the guarding response for protection, which can become a habit. This habit ends up feeling normal which strains the affected area more continuously. This may lead to other secondary problems as well.


The things you do that feel so normal and necessary are often the cause of so much pain. With The Alexander Technique, you can begin to discover this in yourself and change from causing problems feeling natural to not causing them feeling natural.


More people are finding the Alexander Technique to successfully put a long-term solution in place for RSI’s and other chronic pain issues.


Pain & Trauma


Chronic Pain From an Accident

After an accident, you may no longer know how to coordinate movement without straining and compressing your body. This keeps the injury under strain and likely inflamed. Old injuries often don’t heal due to the way tension is held in the form of guarding. Guarding the neck and back after an accident is a natural response and can quickly become a habit, causing constant strain and compression. This easily leads to other secondary problems as well.  

If you are not recovering from an injury and its been too long, please contact me. We can turn that around.


Cumulative Pain: When Pain Develops Over Time 

You can control decompression of your whole spine. This replaces compression and strain that feels normal or necessary.  The things you do that feel so normal and necessary are often the cause of so much pain. With my help, you can discover this in yourself and change from causing pain feeling natural to not causing it feeling natural. Stop causing pain so it can go away.

Foot and Knee Pain

Are You Managing a Foot Problem Or Stopping The Cause? 

A common belief is that your feet need support to avoid dysfunction and pain. So many people with foot pain invest in orthotics and special footwear, or get adjusted or massaged regularly to relieve the pain. But when they go without the special footwear or relieving therapy, the pain returns. 


The pain is managed, but the cause of the pain continues.  


What is the hidden cause?

When you are not in an adequate balance standing and walking, your feet will tighten, constantly putting the foot at risk of injury and disease. The result is inflamed tissues and structural breakdown. The problem and solution have to do with with the mind and nervous system – specifically kinesthesia. 


Kinesthesia is the sixth basic sense. It has to do with feedback and guidance with movement and balance. A person’s kinesthetic awareness can easily become untrustworthy so that tension and misbalance feels normal or necessary (natural) to walk and stand. The foot will automatically tighten to compensate for such misbalance, setting the stage for strain and injuries. 



The knee is a different part of the body, but especially vulnerable to the same underlying cause; poor balance and movement habits that feel normal. When the cause feels normal, it keeps you trapped with the problem.  


How can coming to Pacific Center For Alexander Technique Help You Resolve Or Alleviate Your Body Pain?

In the lessons, you will be guided to use yourself differently- more elegant and athletic. You will discover that you don’t have to move the same old way that causes the problem. You will demonstrate lightness and freedom in movement. Continuing pursuit with Alexander Technique will help you to change and no longer cause the problem.

The British Medical Journal & The Alexander Technique

A major motivator for people who seek out the Alexander Technique is Pain.


Produced by the prestigious British Medical Journal, this video explains a study on the Alexander technique and how it helps students looking for relief. 

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