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Find Presence In Your Performance

Alexander Technique for Music Teachers and their Students


  • Improved endurance in rehearsal, instruction and practicing

  • Greater freedom and improved coordination with instrument

  • Poise and release in performance

  • Overcome troubling pain or underperformance 

  • Confidence


With the Alexander Technique, Musical challenges can be resolved, such as legato, resonance of sound, and pitch. With the Alexander Technique these common issues can be reduced by how a person uses their bodies, which effects how they use their instrument. That includes all instruments: strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and voice. 

No matter what brings a person to The Alexander Technique, there is a natural ripple effect that reaches out and positively effects other areas and issues. Music students tend to diminish pain and develop endurance for performance and rehearsal.

Inessa Partida

Opera singer discusses how the Alexander Technique has helped her music and life.

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