The Alexander Technique can be a tool to help other medical conditions such as neurological disorders and respiratory issues.

Neurological Disorders

The Alexander Technique offers a unique method to add years of improved functioning to a persons life. We have seen it plenty of times with people living with Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease and others.


If you or someone you know lives with any of these circumstances, and they have mental clarity and the will to improve, please contact me.

Breathing & Asthma

We can’t take good breathing for granted anymore.


There has been an increase in people suffering from slight to extremely challenging asthma conditions. The severity of asthma symptoms are exasperated from anticipation; the anxious or panic response that accompany the onset of an asthmatic episode.


Alexander Technique imparts the skill of withholding response to avoid such anxious panic.

Real Stories

"My parkinsens responses improved."






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